Monday, February 23, 2015

Sarah T Plant Life Summery

Here's a written and thumbnail summery of the whole thing

There’s a star near the end where I think I want to change something. Instead of what I’ve got I think I want the girl to come down and try to open the door with no success, and then they break it down together.

Also, here's a animatic gif thing of some old thumbnails of the scene with the records. I kind of like some of the stuff I had going, but I'm not sure what parts are worth keeping and what should be changed.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sarah Cotton- Story 2 (K-9 greenie) wip

Here is the start of my second story- I spent most of my effort this week figuring out something that might fit in a 4-minute short. These thumbnails are quite rough but I promise they mean something, lol. We'll see where I cut off my boards for this thing because it's kinda long.

The outline I had is this:

We start in the office where Liam (human) sits in baggy clothing in front of the chief's desk. The chief lectures angrily (Maybe holding up shredded documents and shoes) while Liam tries to conceal the fur and teeth he sprouts through the course of their conversation. (The feeling I want to go for is that Liam said he could control his transformations, but that hasn't been happening and the chief is sick of it.) The chief starts sneezing (He's allergic to dogs), and, in frustration, opens a window to get some air. The moon shines down on Liam, who goes full wolf. The chief gets very angry, firing him on the spot, and Liam leaves the room. The chief stops sneezing for a moment, relieved. Then another sneeze catches him by surprise and he looks angrily towards the door to see a sheepish werewolf peeking in. The chief screams "OUT!" and Liam gently closes the door. He squeezes his little human-sized coat on and sadly walks out into the night.

Liam's sensitive nose smells some suspicious activity happening a few blocks away and he hears shouting. In spite of having been fired, he runs off to apprehend a pair of criminals in the act of robbing a jewelry store (Maybe think of a more humorous location that plays off the fact that Liam is a wolf).

Next shot shows the chief sneezing again and he turns towards the office door like "I thought I told you to-" but he stops, blinking. The werewolf has dragged in the two burglars in by the scuffs of their necks.

The chief falters, thinking about their solutions... then hands Liam a set of keys with the label K-9 UNIT on them. Next shot is of Liam, as a human in baggy clothes, driving the K-9 van. He receives a call on the radio, puts on a determined face, and flips a u-turn. Just before we lose sight of him, the moonlight hits him through the window and- pop! - he becomes a werewolf before riding into the distance.

Garrett Hamon- Storyboard roughs